Changes to Google Places: New Google Local search and Google + (Plus) Business Pages

There have been some big changes to the way Google handles business pages. You’ll notice that “Places” have dropped from Google search listings. So what’s replaced it? How do I keep up with the changes to Google Pages? In this video I’ll give you a brief overview of what’s going on with the new Google + (Plus) for business listings.

Google is moving business listings from ‘places’ to ‘plus’. You can find business pages by going to Google + and in the sidebar on the left selecting ‘local’. This brings up a new local search engine that allows you to find businesses that are relevant to you – based on location.

Another big change is that Google will begin integrating social features into these business pages. So, similar to a facebook fan page you’ll be able to make comments, leave video replies, and have access to more ways to socialize your business. ALL of the content on these Google + business pages WILL BE INDEXED. This is a big deal. It gives you tons of options regarding SEO.

In the video I go over where to find the new local search engine, and I show the differences between a Google ‘place’ and a Google +(Plus) business page. Going forward I believe they are going to be combining aspects of both pages. Right now the Google + page is already set up with social features while the place listing is not. I believe they will add some of the business aspects – such as contact info and map placement – while integrating the social features.

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