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Congratulations on having a website, but did you know there’s a lot more that you can do with your website right now to help bring new customers to your business, make your current customers a lot happier, grow your business, and make more money?

One task that you can undertake is the use of doodle ads videos.

Not everyone likes to read so if you give your visual website visitors something to look at, such as “How To” videos, a tour of your store (if you have one), or videos showing your prospective clients what problems you solve for them, they’re more likely to stick around and see what you’re all about.

An essential item for a website’s success is testimonials.

If you have happy customers, record their testimonials onto an online video and put that video on your website and maybe you can even put the video up onto YouTube with a link back to your website.

Potential clients like to know that others have done business with you before them and that they were happy with the products / services your company provides.

You may have done presentations for your business in the past using PowerPoint presentations showing graphics and charts….


I’m not knocking Powerpoint presentations at all, I love them, they’re very effective in the right situation. I state boring because people are inspired by stories, not data, or bullet points, Stories.

And Doodle video ads are perfect for telling your story, which creates customer loyalty, creates an emotional bond between your business and your prospects / customers.

Remember, emotions are huge….. if you don’t know how critical they can be in a buying process, click this link to find out….

Should you decide to use a doodle video ad or an animated doodle video add, either of them can have a custom voiceover added.

The professional voiceover can be in your local accent, letting your prospects / customers know that your business is local to them.

One of the most important part doodles videos is the CTA (Call To Action). That is at the end of the video, the part where the video tells your prospects what you want them to do.

There are many options available with today’s technologies.

One of them being that you can add a clickable image to the end of your doodle videos, meaning that your prospects can click the image and it will take them to your website where you might have a landing page set up to give the prospect whatever it was that you promised them during the video.

This could be a free offer, a discounted offer or you want them to give you their email address to enable them to receive a newsletter from your business.

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Animated Doodle Video Ads – Internet Marketing – DoodleAds Thailand

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