Alternatives To Google AdWords – OutBrain, Bing Ads, Remarketing, Facebook Advertising and more!

Google AdWords has its advantages but there are lots of times where other platforms can generate a better response for less money. Whether it be promoting content, generating sales or improving your brand Mike Essex examines the right times to use AdWords and when it’s best to place your money elsewhere.

Brand Building

If you want to grow a brand then traditional advertising on the Google Search network is probably not the best platform. Advertising on platforms like Facebook and Twitter will be cheaper and you can use pictures in the ad format.

Using the Google AdWords Display Network is a good option for increasing brand exposure as you can promote banners to user’s and only pay when they click your ad.

YouTube Ads are also very cost effective as you only pay if a user watches your ad for more than five seconds.

Content Marketing

If you are creating great content sometimes you will need paid promotion to get it in front of the right audience. Platforms like OutBrain, Zemanta and StumbleUpon Paid Discorvery allow you to expose your content to an audience already reading a similar topic. The cost per click or cost per thousand impressions tends to work out cheaper than traditional PPC.

Lead Generation

The Google Search Network works well for generating leads because the user tends to have commercial intent. Another way to generate more leads is to run a remarketing campaign. This means you can display ads to users who have previously visited your site.

LinkedIn Ads also works well in a B2B market. You can also target key influencers by job title or company. SlideShare is another platform where you can leave a form at the end of your slides which will help you collect leads when users read your content.


Bing Advertising tends to have significantly lower CPC’s in expensive industries. The traffic is still good quality and worth testing.

If you want to generate direct sales on your ecommerce website then Google Product Listing Ads are the best way to display your products to users who are ready to buy.

Traditional PPC on the Google Search Network is certainly worth doing if you have the correct keyword matching and negative keywords in place.

AdWords is not the only platform out there and it’s certainly worth testing different formats to see what works best for your brand.

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