Add JavaScript Widget to Google Site using App Script

In this video I will place javascript code on to a Google site despite its limitations in the Google Sites HTML Editor.

This Example, I am placing The Weather Network widget into my Village’s Google Site.

Here is a link to the App Script I talk about;
Click File, Make a Copy for your own use.

In your Copy of the Script

You can change the page name from Weather to anything else however you must change to that name in

Don’t forget to add your code between body tags – the weather.html page in this case.

– In App Scripts – Click Publish
– Deploy as web app
– In Project Version, select New (if applicable)
– Change Execute the app as: to “User accessing the web app”
– Change Who has access to the app: to “Anyone”
– Click Update
– Copy the web app URL
– Navgate to your Google Site where you want code
– In Google Sites, Click Insert, App Script, and past the web app URL address

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