10 Unbelievable Reactions When Single Moms Were In Trouble

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10. Does your faith in humanity ever hit extreme lows? Last July, faith was certainly tested for single mother Tawny Nelson, who was stranded at a Florida grocery store in the middle of a severe downpour with her three young daughters. Her truck gave up on her with a dead battery, a damaged alternator belt and a punctured tire. It pretty much couldn’t get any worse at one time. She watched as more than 20 people passed her by without offering a helping hand. Then, after over two hours of hopelessness, an older gentleman, walked up to the car – limping and with a cane, and tapped on her car window. He handed her a plate of chicken strips, biscuits and some water and said a tow truck is on the way and his wife was on the way to take her home. The next day, the man came to her home with a mechanic, who fixed her truck. The man then left and when she asked the mechanic how much she owed him, he said the older man had already taken care of the bill. Tawny’s faith in others was completely restored… and then some.

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9. Just after the new year came in, Eboni Green, a South Carolina airport bar employee who was working her way through nursing school, was chatting with a customer and mentioned that her home had been broken into just before Christmas and her laptop was stolen. Fortunately, she said, she and her 2-year-old daughter, Eva, weren’t home at the time. The customer paid his bill in a closed checkbook then left for his flight, wishing the single mother luck with her nursing studies. When Eboni opened the checkbook, she found a 0 tip on top of the paid bill. He had written the message: “Enjoy the laptop! Hope it helps with school.” Needless to say, Eboni was shocked by the extremely kind gesture.

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8. Kirsten May had just lost her job in Phoenix just before last Christmas, and was facing eviction from her apartment because she couldn’t pay the rent. Feeling extremely hopeless, she was preparing to move into her car with her 4-year-old son Nicholas. But some officers with the Phoenix Police Department — Jason Harris, Brian Peters and Ben Carro – were gonna make sure the 25-year-old woman and her son had a nice Christmas. So they worked with an off-duty officer at Home Depot to get them a Christmas tree. Then a group called Angels on Patrol paid the woman’s rent to get her through the month and give her time to find another job. The officers then put a bunch of presents under the tree for Kirsten and Nicholas. Says Kirsten, “I cried like a little kid.”

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7. When you have a talent or skill, it’s extremely demoralizing when no one recognizes it and you begin to question your own self-worth. Figen was a crafter all her life. She had a sewing machine and made totes, heart pillows and various other items. And she knits. So she created plenty of items and was real excited about having her own booth at a local craft fair. Hours went by as she sat patiently at her booth. No one bought a single thing. She texted her son, Martyn, about it and it broke his heart. Then he shared his mom’s story on Twitter. Well, it didn’t take long at all before a huge number of people from the Internet bought out practically everything in Figen’s shop. She couldn’t have been more thrilled. And her self-worth was right back on the positive side. Her products can be viewed and bought through a link in our Show More area.

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6. In 2015, Caroline Macrory came up with a great idea to help those who might be having a tough time at Christmas. She came up with “The Doorstep Challenge,” which involves a person buying a gift for someone who could use their spirits lifted, leaving it on their doorstep with an anonymous note, and quickly disappearing. The single mother posted this and it was quickly shared more than 130,000 times. Great idea, Caroline. Only one thing here we at Knowable can add to it. You don’t have to wait until Christmas to share an act of sheer kindness with those who are having a tough time of it.

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5. Single mom Ovella O’Neal, of Camden, New Jersey, was so proud of her son, A.J., that she wanted to do something special for him. So she paid over 0 to have a message put up for him on a billboard near his school. The message read: “A mother can’t raise a man, but I raised a gentleman.” She then rented an ice cream truck and cupcake truck so A.J. and his friends could enjoy themselves under the billboard. A.J. was a volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club and helped youngsters with their homework.

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